Youth Stories Project update, and a couple other small things!

So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a groovy project at YSB called the Youth Stories Project. Myself and a couple other youth from the youth engagement program were selected for our strong writing skills. We’ve been interviewing youth, approx. 10-20 mins each, and then turning those interviews (about the youth’s life/challenges/and esp. their achievements) into ~500 word stories, that will eventually go on the website.

So in a week and half, I’ve completed 6 interviews, and created 4 final drafts of the stories. I’ve put in well over 16 hours, and am way in the lead as far as work goes. I feel kind of weird about this, because last week I claimed 10 hours and got paid accordingly; my peers did at most 4 hours and had hardly even cracked the surface of the thing. Am I overworking, or are they underworking? We’re supposed to have 10-15 stories each by the end of March. We can claim up to 80 hours, and I intend to use up as many of those as I can, because I take great pride in my writing. One of the other youth has attended university for English, so he’s working on a similar level of experience as I am, but I don’t think he’s written a single actual word yet.

Anyway, besides my grumblings — I’m going to (if I get permission) post a couple of the stories on here for you to read. I’m also still chasing down those guest posters because I think they’re really interesting. Dr. Lyons, this means YOU. And Caleb…

Besides that, nothing terribly exciting happening. I might have Chlamydia. I’m going to pee in a cup tomorrow. This is because I finally had my first one-night stand ever, about a month or so ago. If you’ll recall, I’m a hopeless romantic who falls in love with any girl that even looks at me on the bus. So you can imagine how hard it must have been to just go out and have a one-nighter. Well?
It was easy! I don’t know why, it might have been the liquor, or the fact that I knew going into it there were no strings/relationships attached… or maybe the fact that I haven’t even seen her since it happened? So we haven’t even talked about seeing each other again in any capacity.

Maybe you all didn’t need to know that, but too bad. 🙂 Oh yeah, I might have contracted Chlamydia from her. One of her previous sexual partners apparently complains that it burns when he pees. Why he hasn’t done anything about it, I can’t fathom — how can you stick with the status quo when the status quo is painful urination? Luckily I haven’t had any symptoms.

I also have to see a doc pretty soon to get some sort of liver blood tests done. My ex (who in all likelihood got HCV from me) had her liver enzyme tests etc. done, and apparently (though I find this hard to believe, no offense to her) her liver is operation at 1/5 capacity. I’ve only had this disease at MOST three years, and she can’t possibly have had it half that length, so I’d be terribly surprised if her liver was that damaged from the HCV. Maybe she did damage some other way? Anyway, she freaked me out, because she pulled me aside and dumped all that on me. So now I’m all scared that my liver isn’t really doing a whole lot, because I do get liver pains quite often, and when I get sick it takes a LOT longer to go away than when it did when I was a teenager. Which is really scary because I have an AMAZING immune system usually. But I’m losing confidence in it, and at 21, that’s a scary thought. I’m really scared of getting HIV — being co-infected would scare the crap out of me. That’s a lot of pills etc. to take.

I was kinda depressed the other day, and remarked offhandedly to a friend that “I’d be surprised if I live to see 27.” I don’t know what made me say it, but I could tell they were kind of upset that I feel that way. I’m just trying to look at thing realistically. Because of a range of factors beyond my immediate control, my odds of survival are extremely thin. Think about you — you, my kind reader, the odds of your existance are extraordinarily small, at best. There are so many things that every day threaten your life. The fact that we managed to evolve to this point is a miracle in itself. Now, because of bad government, I face a huge number of risks, just adding on to the same list you have of ways I could suddenly expire. Think about what you face every day, and then add random overdose or contract a deadly disease to that list. Seem a bit slimmer odds now?

Anyway, enough of that. I feel like this post has been mostly fluff and mostly uninteresting. Agree? Leave a comment! Cause they work!

Have a wonderful night. 🙂